The Big 2014 Car Recalls You Should Know About

2014 has seen plenty of major car makers recall at least one of their models, with Toyota and Holden leading the way with the biggest number of recalls for the year so far. This article looks at the recalls you need to know about, some for minor problems and others with the potential to cause serious accidents if not rectified.


N51, N52 & N55 series with 6-cylinder petrol turbo-charged engines – a potentially loose valve timing unit connection may cause an oil leak, putting the vehicle into engine emergency mode, which may cause an accident if the vehicle slows or stops suddenly.

F15 X5 series – even when the rear door child safety locks are engaged the rear doors may still open and could cause a child to fall from the vehicle.


Jeep Grand Cherokee MY 2014 – a defect in the adaptive cruise control may cause the vehicle to accelerate unintentionally, posing a serious accident risk.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011–2014 – a defect in the brake booster may allow water to enter, potentially freezing it and severely reducing braking ability.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2012-2013 – increased resistance in the brake pedal from the Ready Alert Braking System may cause the driver to not press as hard as necessary, creating a braking hazard.


2011-2012 FGII Falcon EcoLPi sedan and utility – an O-ring seal may be missing, creating the potential for an LPG gas leak and resulting fire hazard.


VE/VF Commodore & WM/WN Caprice – due to incorrect greasing, the windscreen wiper motor may fail, causing potential loss of visibility.

VF Commodore & WN Caprice – due to rubbing contact with a bolt, the seat belt pre-tensioner may wear prematurely and may not deploy in the event of an accident.

TM Barina 1.6 litre petrol engine with auto transmission – the brake lights may come on without the brake pedal being depressed, potentially causing the cruise control to be deactivated, which could pose an accident hazard.

JH Cruze 1.8 litre petrol engine with manual transmission – a defect in the right hand tubular driveshaft may cause it to separate, resulting in a loss of drive power and a potential accident hazard.

MJ Barina manual transmission – the potential for a fracture to develop on the transmission mount may cause the transmission to become unsupported, resulting in serious mechanical damage and potential loss of control of the vehicle.


ix35 –  an incorrectly tensioned bolt retaining the airbag could affect its deployment in an accident and an insecurely crimped cable in the seat belt pre-tensioner could cause it to fail when deployed.


shutterstock_142635688XFRS 5.0 litre V8 S/C 2013-2014 MY –  a rubbing hazard on the right hand rear brake pipe could wear through, causing sudden loss of brake fluid and reduced braking capability.

Multiple models – prolonged driving under racing conditions may cause the toe link to separate from the rear sub-frame, creating an accident hazard.


Sportage (SL) & Soul (AM) –  an incorrectly crimped cable in the seat belt pre-tensioner could result in a failure to fully deploy in an accident.

Land Rover

Assorted 2014 models – the front direction indicators do not flash correctly, creating a potential accident hazard.


shutterstock_191258681Mazda 6 (GG/GY) & RX-8 (FE) – faulty propellant may cause the passenger-side airbag to deploy incorrectly in an accident.

Mazda 6 (GJ) sedan and wagon – a potential fault in the Powertrain Control Module may cause the battery to stop charging, resulting in eventual loss of essential functions.

Mercedes Benz

Unimog models U400 & U500 – extremely cold conditions may cause the air dryer breather to become blocked and the top of the air dryer to detach from the vehicle, causing a potential traffic hazard.


ASX Aspire 12MY – a defect may cause the keyless operating system to shut down in certain conditions, causing a potential accident hazard.

Mirage 14MY – a welding fault on the filler pipe may cause it to detach, resulting in a fuel leak and potential fire hazard.


shutterstock_97891169208 MY 2008 vehicles – incorrect bolts fitted to the front suspension may cause them to break, posing an accident risk.

3008/5008 – friction wear on the driver’s seat wiring harness may cause overheating or an electrical malfunction.


Jimny SN413 – a potential defect in the steering rod joint fastening may cause the bolt to drop out, compromising the steering function.

S-Cross – a potential lack of oil in the rear differential may cause the assembly to fail, posing an accident risk.


Prado KDJ150 – a potential fault in the driver’s airbag module may cause it to fail on deployment.

Yaris NCP90, NCP91 & NCP93 – a faulty spring mechanism in the front seat track could break, increasing the risk of injury in the event of an accident.

Hilux TGN16, GGN15, KUN16, GGN25 & KUN26 – a potential defect in the driver’s airbag module may cause it to fail in an accident.

LandCruiser VDJ7 with ABS – the brake hose bracket on the front differential may break, causing a leakage of brake fluid and reducing braking effectiveness.

shutterstock_6103753FJ Cruiser GSJ15 with sub-fuel tank – the fuel tank breather tube has the potential to be damaged by heat from the exhaust, which could cause a fuel leak and potential fire hazard.

Prius ZVW30 – a fault in the Intelligent Power Module may, in limited circumstances, cause the hybrid system to shut down, creating a potential driving hazard.


Skoda Fabia, Yeti and Superb 2013 models – electrolysis in the gear box can produce conductive particles that may cause a short circuit, causing the gear box fuse to blow and the vehicle to stop, which could pose an accident risk.

Caddy – a potential defect can cause the gas pressure spring on the D pillar to loosen, which could make the boot lid drop unexpectedly and cause an injury.


V40 & V40 Cross Country – a potential software failure may cause the left rear positioning light to stop working, which could pose a traffic hazard due to reduced visibility.

Owners of vehicles with defects such as those listed in this article should contact their dealers to have the problem rectified as soon as possible and if injuries are incurred as a result of such defects, they should seek legal advice.

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