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Are Shopping Centres Liable for Customers Who Slip, Trip or Fall?

Trips, slips and falls are something that can seem very insignificant when they happen, but a small injury can be amplified if that muscle is pulled the wrong way, resulting in an inconvenience in your day to day life as

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Protect Yourself as a Motorcyclist: The Need for Insurance

During the summer holidays in Australia, particularly the Christmas period of December and January, there is often a national road toll recording the number of fatalities caused by car crashes on the roads within each State and nationally. This road

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How Safe is Your Vehicle?

It’s that time of year again when the annual road toll will be announced on the news every night, and emergency services will plead with drivers to take more caution on the roads. Buckle up. Slow down. Don’t drink and

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Common Work Related and Car Accident Injury Recovery Timeframes

Work related injuries and car accidents often result in short or long term personal trauma being sustained. The impact and required time for recovery varies, with some people still able to perform current, modified, or alternative duties in a full

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How Dashboard Cameras can Help Your Claim

Scientists have known for years that people change their behaviour when they know they’re being watched. In the past, shop owners found that dummy security cameras were often enough to protect their businesses from shoplifters. Nowadays, video technology is so

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Driving for Work: Common Workplace Vehicle Injuries

When you think of common workplace injuries, you will most likely think of injuries that arise from slips and trips, or falls, or perhaps injuries resulting from accidents in industries that require manual labour. However, it would be a surprise

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Work Cover: How Does it All Work?

Suffering an injury at work can be a frightening experience. Navigating through the process of filing claims for financial and medical support may seem daunting, particularly when faced with an immediate loss of income and mounting medical expenses.  In addition,

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9 Major Medical Negligence Case Studies in Australia

Medical malpractice is professional negligence where a health care professional provides treatment to a patient that, either by act or omission, fails to meet a standard of practice considered acceptable by the medical community and which causes injury or death

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The Big 2014 Car Recalls You Should Know About

2014 has seen plenty of major car makers recall at least one of their models, with Toyota and Holden leading the way with the biggest number of recalls for the year so far. This article looks at the recalls you

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The Main Factors Affecting a Personal Injury Settlement

If you were injured as a result of an accident at work or on your way to work, you could be entitled to receive Workers Compensation. Regardless of how your accident happened, you could be entitled to a claim. Even

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