Are Shopping Centres Liable for Customers Who Slip, Trip or Fall?


Trips, slips and falls are something that can seem very insignificant when they happen, but a small injury can be amplified if that muscle is pulled the wrong way, resulting in an inconvenience in your day to day life as well as potential medical expenses to have the injury treated. And most people don’t realise that due to the law of negligence you can claim for compensation if you are injured by a hazard in a place of business like a shopping mall. Here we explain this concept more in depth and tell you what to do so that you get the compensation you deserve.

All businesses are under what is called a duty of care to make sure their workplace is free from hazards, and a shopping centre is at the top of the list. Centre management must make sure that any areas customers can access is completely free from potential hazards at all times, or that any potential hazards have been properly signposted to warn of a risk. These hazards can be anything from a wet slippery floor, uneven surface, frayed carpets, unattended dangerous wires, broken escalators, or even poor lighting. Those in charge are under a duty to eliminate, isolate, and minimise these hazards so that they do not cause you harm.

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Protect Yourself as a Motorcyclist: The Need for Insurance

shutterstock_41462359During the summer holidays in Australia, particularly the Christmas period of December and January, there is often a national road toll recording the number of fatalities caused by car crashes on the roads within each State and nationally. This road toll serves as sombre reminder of how tragic loss can be.

Having insurance can protect you or your family from the unexpected costs that arise as a result of such tragedies. Insurance can include motor vehicle insurance, income protection, medical insurance and also life insurance.

Motorcyclists need  to be particularly aware of the need for insurance, and in particular motor vehicle insurance and income protection. Although representing a significant minority of the number of motor vehicles on the roads, proportionally they represent a high number of the vehicles involved in road crashes.

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How Safe is Your Vehicle?

shutterstock_3350939It’s that time of year again when the annual road toll will be announced on the news every night, and emergency services will plead with drivers to take more caution on the roads.

Buckle up. Slow down. Don’t drink and drive.

Despite the fact that the Australian road toll has been declining over the last three decades, the police have good reason for this advice.  A report which looked at fatalities and injury rates in 21 countries found that speeding, seatbelt-wearing rates, and alcohol were all important factors that contribute to car accidents around the world.

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Common Work Related and Car Accident Injury Recovery Timeframes

shutterstock_107156564Work related injuries and car accidents often result in short or long term personal trauma being sustained. The impact and required time for recovery varies, with some people still able to perform current, modified, or alternative duties in a full or limited capacity. Other individuals are no longer able to work until they have a complete recovery. For some, this can even mean a required change in their work capacity for the rest of their life.

The time for a person to heal, to be functional, and to be able to work varies considerably. In some instances full recovery can be two to six weeks, but for other injuries the recovery can be longer and may cause be a permanent life-changing disability.

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How Dashboard Cameras can Help Your Claim

shutterstock_72980404Scientists have known for years that people change their behaviour when they know they’re being watched. In the past, shop owners found that dummy security cameras were often enough to protect their businesses from shoplifters. Nowadays, video technology is so affordable that we now expect most public spaces to be monitored. We expect these security cameras to deter crime around us, so they make us feel safe.

The problem is, how do people behave when they don’t think they’re being watched? Drive past any well-signposted speed camera, and you’ll see all the cars around you slow down to just below the speed limit – and speed up again once they’ve passed it. Most people feel so comfortable in their own cars that they forget they’re in a public space. Away from the security cameras of the shopping mall and that well-known speed camera, their driving behaviour could put you and others at risk, but how could you prove it?

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Driving for Work: Common Workplace Vehicle Injuries

shutterstock_141941113When you think of common workplace injuries, you will most likely think of injuries that arise from slips and trips, or falls, or perhaps injuries resulting from accidents in industries that require manual labour. However, it would be a surprise to most people to hear that one of the leading causes of workplace injuries arise out of workplace vehicle incidents.

Vehicles on public roads during the week are far more likely to be driven by someone in a work capacity than for general personal usage. Many workplace environments utilise motor vehicles when carrying out their business, including industries such as agriculture, forestry, construction, manufacturing, transport, and storage. Extra care needs to be taken by employers and managers, particularly in these types of industries, to ensure the health and safety of employees when driving. It is also essential that comprehensive procedures and policies are in place in the event that an injury does occur.

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Work Cover: How Does it All Work?

shutterstock_100154162Suffering an injury at work can be a frightening experience. Navigating through the process of filing claims for financial and medical support may seem daunting, particularly when faced with an immediate loss of income and mounting medical expenses.  In addition, the NSW government introduced significant changes in 2012 to workers compensation, reducing certain rights and entitlements.  Employees can reduce the stress and anxiety associated with a workplace related injury when they are armed with even an elemental understanding of the process.


The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates that over 600,000 workers suffer a work-related injury each year, although many do not seek compensation or report claims as the injuries are relatively minor.  Workers compensation is a no-fault statutory based system which provides compensation and benefits to employees who suffer an injury, illness or disease arising from their workplace.  It is valuable protection for both the worker and the employer.

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9 Major Medical Negligence Case Studies in Australia

shutterstock_171519104Medical malpractice is professional negligence where a health care professional provides treatment to a patient that, either by act or omission, fails to meet a standard of practice considered acceptable by the medical community and which causes injury or death to the patient.

To protect themselves from negligence claims, most medical professionals take out professional liability insurance, which covers their legal costs in defending the claim and any costs awarded to the plaintiff. This article looks at nine of the most prominent cases in Australia in recent years:

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The Big 2014 Car Recalls You Should Know About

2014 has seen plenty of major car makers recall at least one of their models, with Toyota and Holden leading the way with the biggest number of recalls for the year so far. This article looks at the recalls you need to know about, some for minor problems and others with the potential to cause serious accidents if not rectified.


N51, N52 & N55 series with 6-cylinder petrol turbo-charged engines – a potentially loose valve timing unit connection may cause an oil leak, putting the vehicle into engine emergency mode, which may cause an accident if the vehicle slows or stops suddenly.

F15 X5 series – even when the rear door child safety locks are engaged the rear doors may still open and could cause a child to fall from the vehicle.

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The Main Factors Affecting a Personal Injury Settlement

Dollarphotoclub_42236841If you were injured as a result of an accident at work or on your way to work, you could be entitled to receive Workers Compensation. Regardless of how your accident happened, you could be entitled to a claim. Even so, there are some factors you should be aware of.

Every Workers Compensation case is different and the end result will be based on a number of variables. These include:

The level of injury

To determine the level of compensation one receives after suffering an injury, a multiplier is applied to calculate your pain. Essentially, the more pain you suffer as a result of your injury, the higher your settlement offer will be. Injuries such as a head injury, joint injury, vertebrae injury or nerve damage generally score a higher calculation.

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